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Though hopefully you'd already have begun :-)

Full info:


November 12 - November 24: Signups.
November 24 - November 30: Matchups
December 1 - December 25 NOW: Writing time!
December 25 - January 3: Posting.


December 12 - Checkup
December 19 - Posting date claims

To rehash the rules: No adult content. If you're considering putting in some more mild mature content and want to know if that's alright with your prompter, let me know and I'll pass the question on. Same goes if you want to say to either your prompter or your author.

There is no word maximum. No strict minimum, but we'd like a good solid short story. So, about 1000-2000 words at the least.

The checkup will be a blog which basically asks every author to comment with how they're going and how far they are.

For the posting date claims, every author will pick three dates they can post on (there will be two selected for every day). Please don't all leave it to the very end.

If you finish earlier than your posting date (or before the end of the writing period), please refrain from posting. Though, by "posting" I mean "submitting to the group" (in a Secret Santa folder that will be created when posting begins). You can, of course, post the deviation to your account, just wait until your assigned day to submit.

Posting details will go up later, but here's a overview. When first posting, don't write what your prompt was. I will be putting up a blog every few days listing submissions, and everyone is encouraged to read them all! And after all posting is done I'll post another few blogs listing who wrote for who and what their prompt was (if you like, you can edit your deviation then to include the prompt in the author's notes).

If you have any questions, feel free to comment and ask.

Write away!
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Submitted on
December 1, 2012