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And here we reveal the matchups for the Secret Santa!

We're still waiting on two authors, unfortunately, but I'm going to be away for the next few weeks (touring the US west coast with my vocal ensemble!) so reveals are happening now. If you're one of those two, then make sure you contact your receiver personally when you post.

Anyhoo, I suggest everyone shoot a message over to the person who wrote your story, and to the person who gave your prompt!

The awesome dawn181 wrote Eileen… for me! Starring a female archer and a spool of black thread in the house of a recently dead rich person.

I wrote Lakesong… for theWitchofGrich, a fantasy/mystery taking place in a manor in Britain before the 19th century, involving a mysterious painting and a notorious aristocrat.

theWitchofGrich wrote The Hours…… for CCKins, a drama with the main character being an assassin as he searches for a valuable jewel.

CCKins wrote Fatherhood… for Wikita about a young adult with the main theme revolving around change, involving a key and/or an empty bottle/glass.

Wikita wrote… for KookieKat4, a Christmas horror story involving a young daughter, a doll, and a family mansion.

KookieKat4 wrote A Black Ash Christmas… for mcjo13, a dark but innocent story involving a dark-haired girl of 17 or so in London.

mcjo13 wrote Coffee ad Cigarettes… for MaxwellSmaart, a romance piece taking place in New York City that involves a pen and an unlikely hero.

MaxwellSmaart wrote Mirror Factory… for redpinkandwhite, a light romance starring a man from London with a ring on a necklace that holds some kind of sentimentality to him, linking blindness or deafness into the romance.

redpinkandwhite wrote Callie and Chris… for xBrokenRecordx, a humorous romance story featuring a 16-year-old high school girl named Callie, an obsession, and Portland, Oregon.

xBrokenRecordx is writing for Pepperfan1

Pepperfan1 wrote Saint Ulma's Day… for Gopher-Greyhame, a fantasy/sci-fi in the holiday spirit.

Gopher-Greyhame wrote Of a Pineapple and Murder… for jinchuurikininja, a sci-fi involving a mortician and a pineapple in the slums of Detroit.

jinchuurikininja wrote The Hunter… for missRexy, a Paranormal Romance/Horror involving man-eating fairies and a guitar in a haunted forest.

missRexy wrote Abducted… for Thorneborne, starring an anti-hero.

Thorneborne wrote… for Ammb96, a horror story involving a teenage girl, an iPod, and a very old tree-house.

Ammb96 wrote The Riding Hoods… for TheCoolRandomDork, a fantasy/romance starring a girl named Anna and a basket of fruit in a garden/park with a lake near by.

TheCoolRandomDork wrote Seven or so Sinners thecoolrandomdork.deviantart.c… for itotallycantdraw-woo, a psychological thriller about a teenaged girl named Sam, a bag of marbles, and a forest in either the US or the UK.

itotallycantdraw-woo wrote Off the Brooklyn Bridge itotallycantdraw-woo.deviantar… for WeirdCityReport, an awkwardly sweet coming-of-age boy-girl romance set in New York City involving a boy who's been obsessed with making it big in the world of architecture and object? A pair of mismatched Converse sneakers.

WeirdCityReport is writing for AeroQzar

And AeroQzar wrote Our Time… for dawn181 about an elf, a dock, and a mountain range.

And that's it! All submissions can be found… and the folder will stay open for those still posting chapters. I'd say this exchange was a great success :-) and I hope everyone had fun. If you like, you can now edit your author's notes to include your prompt and who it was for. Otherwise, go give some feedback and thanks!
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